Happy Day

Happy Day

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let summer begin!

This Spring has been hard with the crummy weather it has just made me crave nice weather, grilling, and playing outside till 8pm. I think we are finally getting there....thanks goodness before I ran off to Mexico or somewhere hot and sunny!!!. Public school is now out so that makes summer official, although I think we will still do some "school" each day because it is just natural to keep it up. One thing I am not as excited about is running my kids to every activity under the sun (okay they aren't in that many but swim team is at least 3 days a week). Being a HS mom I have kind of become a home body and I am good with that. I love my home and just being there makes me feel stress free and relaxed (yes even with 5 kids running around)! I am not sure how it happened because I hated being in the house when Grace and Drew were little, we would get in the car and just go for a drive most afternoons around 4-5. Now it seems we get so busy with a project I sort of hate to stop to run G to dance, plus it ruins the flow of their play. I love that we have a park in the backyard and I LOVE my back deck with my comfy patio, to me it is perfect! Here is to summertime my favorite time of the year!


Jake and Alice played in the grass. Alice wouldn't put her feet down she looked like a little ballerina

Jake found the mud!

Grace and Drew thought it was hot enough for a sprinkler on the trampoline.......it wasn't:-( brrr

I passed on all of Alice's little clothes to a good friend...wipe a tear.