Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reasons why I thought I couldn't Homeschool

This is a follow-up post from "Why we decided to Home School".

These are my reasons for being intimidated by home schooling but what I learned from my first year.

1. I am not educated enough. I learned that there are so many resources to help you in HS. There are so many things to choose from to help you learn to teach. It is also a great chance to relearn right along with your children and it is way more fun with them. Side note: We used "My Father's World" for our first year and really enjoyed it and super easy to follow!

2. I am not patient enough. Patience comes through overcoming trials and learning to yield to the fruit of the Spirit instead of the fruit of the flesh (Galatians 5:22-25) I have learned there is nothing more natural than teaching your child. You know what is right for them because they are yours!!!! I also learned that sometimes it is MOMMY who needs the timeout:-)

3. My children are too social. I worried that Grace would miss all of her friends. She was a little concerned about this too. Instead we had play dates that last hours instead of recesses that lasted 20 minutes. Plus they still had dance, wrestling, AWANA, church and best of all here at home they are with their best friends all day long.

4. I was worried I would crave "me time". I have given up getting my hair done-oh well it is saving me money and my husband loves the long locks. Now I just crave being with my kids we are all so close, I really hate to leave them. I am a mom, I gave up "me time" when I gave birth 6.5 years ago.

5. I thought it would look like regular school only at home. So not true...thank goodness. We learn constantly all day long and very little of it is done around the table.

6. I thought I would be lonely. I am far from lonely being surrounded by 5 of the cutest little beings on the planet. Plus, I still have close inner circle of friends. I realized your true friends will still be your friends even if you don't see them in the drop off line at school. I love my besties we talk everyday!

7. I thought it would be hard to come up with a curriculum. Sooooo far from true it was actually harder to decide which one to do. There are so many great ones.

8. I was scared of picking the wrong books for my kids. Well, I did this and we worked it out. G my oldest had been in a private school for Kindergarten and so I did 1st and 2nd grade stuff with her because she was ahead of most 1st grade work. She was bored at first so we moved to harder stuff. With Drew 4.5 yrs. when we started I didn't want to do all the preschool stuff with him so we went straight to learning to read and math problems. He is now reading small stories and doing easy addition and he just turned 5.

9. I thought I was too busy with 3 other babies in the house. Sam wants to "do school" right along with the others. The babies a lot of times are napping or sitting on my lap while we are all learning. We work together to get housework done. My kids have jobs and even at the age of 2 have learned to help around the house.

10. I was worried I wouldn't have a schedule or that it would take too much time. At first I didn't have a schedule because the twins were little and unpredictable. We fit in school at all different times. Now we do it mostly all in the morning done by 11 and reading in the afternoon cuddled on the couch. We can get so much done in a short amount of time working one on one....more than I ever dreamed!

Why we decided to Home School

I have been asked by several people to write a post about why I decided to home school. I was a little hesitant about answering this question because I do not want to offend anyone or come off sounding like if you don't HS you are a bad parent. This couldn't be further from the truth. I think as parents we are constantly trying to figure out what is best for our children and our family. So this is a post about what is best for MY FAMILY. It isn't meant to offend anyone. I love teachers....I guess I decided to become one:-) I think teachers work incredibly hard with very little pay and resources. So here it goes OUR reasons for choosing to HS our 5 beautiful children. So far one of the BEST decisions we have made.

1. We wanted to give our children a Christian education where God could be openly discussed and the bible could be read. Our schools today are not like when we were growing up. Today’s schools are essentially government run
2. We wanted to be an important part of educating our children. God gave us these children to train up and to teach to be disciples for him. We also knew we would be doing HS with our public educated children anyway with homework that was sent home by their teachers. (Homework begins in kindergarten)

3. I want my children to obtain life skills. When they are old enough I want them to be able to experience many different internships etc. so they can determine what they would like to do. HS could be viewed as College Prep because they are learning how to manage every aspect of their individual lives. They won’t need to try and figure out how to take care of themselves through the feedback and modeling provided by their peers.

4. A lot of time is wasted in school. Schools waste so much of a child's day sitting, waiting, learning things that are not applicable in real-life. We thought a better senerio for our children would be spending the day learning worthwhile skills while receiving personal feedback immediately. Studies have been done were 30 minutes of actual leaning took place in a 6 hour school day. I didn't want to lose my children for 6+ hours out of the day and then lose them when they get home to homework that they had to do in the next 2 hours. Where does family time fit into that model?

5. Socialization is another reason. My husband and I really don't believe a good model for socialization is 8 year olds socializing with other 8 year olds. We believe that our children should be able to socialize with 2 year olds, 10 year olds, 20 year olds, 33 year olds and even 80 year olds. To us this is socialization.

6. I believe learning is so fun....think back to kindergarten. Schools take the fun out of learning at no fault to them. I believe if I can foster a fun learning environment at home then they will constantly be searching out learning and loving it for a lifetime.

7. We want to raise our own children. We didn't want to give our children to someone for 6-8 hours out of the day and have that person become the biggest influence in our children's lives. We want to keep our family as a strong family unit and not have other outside people be more important in our child's life. We have a strong desire to truly appreciate the daily sanctity of family.

8. Another very important reason is to shelter them. Interesting I know, since this one would probably be a big critisim to HS. This is one of my biggest reasons. Individual differences are rarely valued in the reality of school, and children in school are often abused emotionally by their peers if they possess personal characteristics that are too far from what is considered normal. An accelerated sense of sexuality and dating are a reality in school. I understand that these are also realities outside school, and my children will someday understand this reality. But not today. They will experience them once they have a firm foundation of faith, love, respect for themselves, and an unwavering relationship with God and their parents.

9. Moving at my child's pace of learning and not someone else's child.

10. Enjoying the time with my children. With home schooling we have limited our outside activities and found a simpler lifestyle. We are not forced to succumb to the modern pressures and stresses of our society with its hectic pace. Instead we are able to slow down enough to enjoy time together as a family. (Side note if you HS your child can still play sports with the public school, this was important to me.)

So these are a few of my reasons for choosing to HS. I feel like I am making better use of my child’s time and they are learning so much!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Follow-up story for Mommy Mobile

So my DH read my post "Mommy Mobile" and pointed out that I forgot to tell a very important story that really shows the chaos we at times live. I don't know that I "forgot" I might have just "left it out" because it is a little embarrassing......to the mom anyway. Oh well, it is a memory so I will share for my kids sake.

It was a cold Sunday morning this winter and we were all in our Sunday best heading to church. The kids are in the back looking ever so cute and my husband and I are casually discussing how once again we are late. Not hard to be late when we have so many different personalities to get out the door. Plus Sunday's is family breakfast time and DH and I are always making something yummy to eat. We like to sit around, drink coffee, admire our view, and exchange nice pleasantries. Unfortunately we never quite get up early enough to fit it all in and this leaves us scrambling to get out the door.

So we are heading to church, I am applying my lip gloss and DH glances in the back and spots Sam (2yr) munching on something that doesn't look like the normal cereal, fruit chew, or partially eaten granola bar. He asks me "what is Sam eating?" I turn around to take a look and calmly reply “a hamburger." Yep, Sam was eating his McD's hamburger from the day before. When I asked Sam about it he replied with his mouth full "hmmmmmm this is good." We pleaded with him to put down the hamburger but he wouldn't budge. I told DH that at least it is winter and the car stayed freezing all night. I am trying to justify my calmness. Was it gross? Yes. Was it healthy for him, no but neither was the hot hamburger we purchased from the restaurant the day before. Was it hilarious? Most definitely. When we got to church and removed the hamburger from his little clutch he cried so hard and told mommy she was the "meanest mommy he had ever met." Seriously talk about laughing until you cry!!! Sometimes as moms, we just can't sweat the small stuff and learn the art of laughter. Life is way more fun once you can let go of the picture perfect life and clean house. You let yourself become a child too and really enjoy your children. Snack filled car seats and all!

Until next time.....happy day

Friday, March 19, 2010

Shy Guy

My shy guy is my 5 year old little boy, Drew. From the moment he was born he has been the sweetest little boy. He gave us quite a scare when he was born and he didn't breathe for over 3 minutes. It was the scariest time of my life. He ended up begin a healthy baby at 9lb 2oz. His chest was off to one side from getting smashed but on all accounts he was perfect. The nurses called him "Baby Bubba" because they thought he was so cubby and they loved taking turns in the middle of the night holding him. Yes, by the time it is your second baby you use the nurses and nursery as much a possible, especially when you already have one baby at home. When he was a few days old I got an infection and had to be put on antibiotics. I had to stop nursing him while I was on the medicine. I pumped and dumped for 10 days in hopes of being able to get him to nurse again. All the books said that it wouldn't work, that he would be confused. Well, after the 10 days of washing that liquid gold down the sink (heartbreaking). I tried to nurse that not so little guy and he began nursing immediately. This is a good example of his laid back personality.

He has been his sister’s best friend since the day he was born. Only 19 months apart neither one of them knows life without each other. They are truly each other’s best friend and even at ages 5 and 6 they still are. I hope they will always be. Grace has always been his "big" sister taking care of him every second and this has been just fine with Drew. I still remember dropping them off at Preschool and Grace stood there hugging him while I went out the door. Talk about heartbreaking for a mommy to watch! The teacher told me that they played together at playtime and sat together during snacks and lunch. It warmed my heart to know that she was always there to take care of him and even when there are 30 other kids to choose from they still preferred each other.

Drew, is so agreeable until he gets really upset. He can at times turn into a little hot head. He reminds me of me in this way....all the patience in the world until the patience is gone and he erupts. He is quick to make-up with and will literally cuddle on my lap for hours. I love this about him. He tells me that he loves me bigger than the moon and the whole earth. Talk about melting a mommy's heart. You can often find him sleeping on our floor in the mornings on mommy's side of the bed. DH jokes that it will be embarrassing when Drew goes to college and takes his mommy with him. I heart mamma’s boys!!!!

Drew is a Lego crazy 5 year old and I mean Lego crazy. He loves to get Legos and will sit and build for hours. For his 5th birthday he wanted a Lego party and we had a fun family birthday (despite him running a 102 temp) we sat and built Legos for hours. When I was on bed rest with the twins he would bring his Legos to my bed and we would talk and build things together. I cherished those moments. At times he suggested that I may not know how to build a bull dozer and perhaps we should wait for the expert builder....daddy. But we always managed.

Now that Drew has been wrestling I have seen him grow in ways I didn't know was possible. He takes his wrestling so serious and shows such displace. It amazes DH and I. He has a new confidence about him. He is now doing things on his own without his side kick there to hold his hand. He listens and is respectful this makes me very proud.
Maybe the last 5 years he has been actually listening to my manners lessons. He is always the first to say "thanks mommy for this wonderful meal" or "thank-you for helping me with my project."

I remember once Grace was talking to him about how he needs to love God and Jesus. She must have been going on and on about it because all of the sudden he said "Grace, God and Jesus both live in my heart I let them in....okay!!!!" Last Sunday, we saw a car flipped over, during the snowstorm we drove through and quietly in the back seat Drew said "Mommy, I think I want to pray that those people in that car are okay." So he prayed out loud while a tear ran down my cheek.

Drew, you are my first son and my sweet little “Drewbie” (a nickname G gave him when she was 2yr and it has stuck). I love being your mommy and watching you grow and change everyday. You are becoming such a big boy and have the biggest heart. I hope you never change even your hot headedness. I can't wait to watch you to grow into the man I pray you become, a man just like your daddy. I love you so much and you make me so proud to be your mommy.

L, Mommy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy Mobile

Yes this is a post about my mode of transportation...silly I know but it is one amazing car. I am writing this because my husband says it is time to trade it in for a new car, a bigger car. My beloved mini-van, (yes, I said mini-van) Dodge Caravan 2005 fully loaded to be exact. I love this car so much. It makes my life so easy with automatic everything. If I have my hands full of babies, groceries, diaper bags, or baseball mitts at the click of a button my doors open. Now, if it just had a self cleaning mechanism inside the car that would really be the best. My van is where many things go to die or eventually get sucked up by the shop vac. On any given day you can find; a stroller, sippy cups, socks, legos, dolls, changes of clothes, books, and too many snacks, fruit chews and crumbs to name. Every time we go anywhere my kids act like we are leaving for a month and they fill their little paws with as much stuff as one can carry. I also don't have a no eating rule in the car...if I get a new one I most likely will have too. I love the no eating rule, the kids and I can share stories over a happy meal (horrible mother I know). In my defense Happy Meals now come with apple dippers which is a much healthier and stickier option. (Warning take the caramel out of the 2 years old bag before passing back....please trust me on this one.) There are days that I joke that my van is totaled from the inside....those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing it know it to be true. So why, do I want to hold onto this seemingly trashed car? Well, it is more than the leather seats with built in bun warmers and DVD player although they are my favorites. It is because this is where all the talks happen on long road trips, and I get to hear about ballet, swimming, wrestling practice, and hear my kids sing along to their favorite bible songs. I like the closeness. I love to look back and see every single seat filled with a round smiling little face (caramel and all). I love that I can pack my whole life in this car with just 7 people and a dog in the back. If that is all I was left with one day I would be a very blessed girl.

Until next time......happy day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick Days.......

Today I am blogging about sick days because well, frankly we have had too many. Most of them have come in the form of a stomach bug......the worst in my opinion. Today it is me. Who takes care of the mom when she is sick? My kids do sometimes, they like the added responsiblity of mommy letting them pour their own cereal or fix a bagel for their little brother. They know I will let them do so much more if I am not up to getting after them, and everyone is getting along. Today G&D are the mommy and daddy and they have 3 kids. I am the sick grandma. I love their imagination so much!!!! I hate being sick. I hate not feeling up to playing with the kids or like doing much school with them. Today, will be a big reading day with lots of comfy blankets, pillow, and "Little House on The Praire". In it own way sick days are special bonding days. When it is me the kids are extra well behaved and helpful. When it is them they are little cuddle bugs that just want to snuggle one my lap all day. They are so sweet falling asleep anywhere and waking with mommy still snuggling close. The tricky part is when more than 1 of them are sick or heaven forbid 3 or 4 have caught the same virus. Those days can be very exshausting, yet I am thankful I get to be here with them. It seems like this year we have had more sick days than ever, but I guess we have a lot of people the virus needs to move through. Here is to the hope that this is our last sick day and that Spring will be here to stay.

Until next time.......happy days

Monday, March 15, 2010

The day from...........

How can I write about the day from "you know where" so vividly as if it happened yesterday? Well, because it did happen yesterday. It all started with a twinkle in my DH eye. Not the kind of twinkle he had in his eye when he first met me, this was the kind of twinkle that said "please let me be sixteen again." The persuasion started months and months ago with him priming me for the thought of us having "family time" together. Afternoons spent driving through the mountains and camping together. He had me so excited I was almost convinced this was my idea, my plan. So I was an easy target when last Tuesday he handed me his computer and said "hey what do you think about this one." I looked at it with a bit of hesitation because I was a little nervous what "this one" was going to be. There it was (drum roll please).......a Jeep. He was excited and stated that this Jeep has 6 seats so we can almost all fit. Hmmm almost all fit, I wondered who was the one that got left behind???? Perhaps me, maybe this was a daddy and five kids bonding experience and I would be left at home to take a nap or read a book. So I looked at the Jeep and I slowly got convinced this was a good idea and I even got a little excited too. On our honeymoon we had covered Maui and Kauai for 10 days in a red jeep and it was the best time. Yes, he played to my sentimental side. So I got a great idea.......yes buying this Jeep is now my idea and a pretty good one I might add. We started talking to the Jeep owner and got word on Saturday night about 10pm that we could go and look at it tomorrow (Sunday). Great, we will go. Never mind that it is 3 plus hours away and we have 5 kids to drag around with us. This is going to be great. I love road trips, I think it is great family time. Most of the time the kids want to watch a movie and DH and I can solve the world’s problems in peace and quiet. I should have known that the cards were stacked against us when we woke-up and it was 6:30 (which is sleeping in for us) but on the day of a road trip this is over sleeping. I walk downstairs and DH is preparing breakfast (so sweet) he says "you know it is really 7:30, right?" Oh yeah, I had completely forgot daylight savings. Great, we better hurry. We kicked into high gear and get everyone showered, dressed, fed, and packed for a day in the car. We are ready to pull out of the driveway at 9am (new time). My next clue should have been when I stepped outside with my first trip to the car of diaper bags(yes 2) coats, coffee, purse, cooler, snack bag, and DVD’s, wow it is a little cold out. The last 3 days had been warm and spring like so I hadn't given much thought about the weather. So, I rushed in and change out of my adorable ballet flats and put on my cowboy boots and re-checked the coat situation and counted 7. Away we go.....is that snow flurries I see? Down the road a bit further......wow it is really snowing. We actually thought about turning around but where we live it can be snowing one place and 60 degrees another, so we kept driving. I checked the weather via my blackberry and we were in the clear or so weather.com stated. Clue 3 came in the form of sweet baby girl A. From the moment she was born she has been the easy twin. She is so sweet natured and such a little smiley pants. Well, an 1.5 hours down the road she was still talking in the backseat with the occasional fuss. I thought for sure both of them would nap the whole way since we left at their nap time. J who we normally call "Sir Cries A lot" was blissfully sleeping. Oh well, DH said we are going to stop soon so I will feed them, change them, and then she will sleep during the rest of of the trip and the negotiations. Right before we get to our stop DH decides we should keep going, he just wants to complete the "mission" aka purchasing his dream Jeep. Okay great, I had this all planned and by stopping it was actually in the long run making the trip easier. I am a planner and I hate when my plans are changed especially by DH. I tried to convey this to him but down the road we go. We arrived in Jeep town with, 2 babies crying in the back, 3 kids are saying "I thought we were going to stop for lunch." So we finally did. Everyone was starving and ate great. A, seemed a little over tired but I was still hopeful that she would get in the car and fall fast asleep. So off to see the Jeep we go. I think this is when it dawns on me that if he buys Jeep, he is going to be driving home him silence and I am going to be driving home with 5 crabby kids in crappy weather. I guess this is where my bitterness begins. I am watching DH as he is talking with the Jeep owner; I mean how many times does one need to kick the tires??? While in the back of the car my sweet A's cries are getting louder and louder. I begin to wonder if DH and Jeep owner can hear how loud it is in this car. This is when my headache starts......I have never had a migraine before but if I had I am pretty sure this is what it would feel like. The kids where complaining, asking why daddy is taking so long, did he buy the Jeep yet, are we going to get to ride in it, when??? He went on a test drive that seemed like he was gone for an hour. I began to wonder if this was all a ploy. Maybe this was his plan all along.....have me drive him 4 hours from home, get his jeep, and then he flees the country. Leaving me to pay for the jeep and care of 5 children, in a town I know nothing about. I wondered would they put a mother of 5 in jail because her husband had a nervous breakdown? Okay, he is back, man I am going to make him wish he never came back. Snap out of it, I can't think clearly it is sooooo loud in this car and we have been sitting here for an 1.5 hours. Deep down I know this is his moment I should try to be happy. I mean in all of our 10 years of marriage he has never bought himself a toy. Although, he said this was an "investment" because if he changed his mind he could always sell if for what he bought it for or even a little more. Why is it when I purchased my Coach purse or Seven jeans they weren't "investments"? He comes over to the car and tells me got the Jeep for the price he wanted......well, great get it and let's go. I don't know why I thought it would a be a quick process, it was anything but. Complaints are getting louder and louder and poor A is hot she is crying so hard. I begin driving her around in hopes to lull her to sleep. The transaction is finally complete and we our way and A finally gives it up and falls asleep. DH calls me on my cell; this is now our quality time together me in my van plus 5 kids, him in his fancy new toy. He informs me we need to take the long way home because the highway we normally take is closed due to snow. Great.....just then there is blood curling screams coming from both babies. They have had it and they are in full protest now. Two babies sreaming at once. My 2 year old had finally fallen asleep only then to be awaken by the screaming. I am in my own worst nightmare. Everyone is so miserable and now I want to cry. To top it off the roads are bad and I hate driving on bad roads, it worries me and it take twice as long. My DH keeps checking in with me on the phone, I can barely hear him over all the screaming. I am getting more and more upset with him by the minute. Three hours later (8pm) we finally get to the town where we have decided we are going to get something to eat. It is snowing like crazy as I am changing diapers at the side of the van and getting the kids ready to go inside. Where is DH? He had to pull off the interstate to get gas so we got ahead of him, but I didn't think this far ahead. I had 2 babies completely changed, (outfits and all) 3 kids in coats, shoes, and on our way into DQ when he finally pulls up. He was very apologetic and extremely sorry about the day. I have told you before I have the best husband and he was doing his best to make-up to all of us. He got ice cream for the kids for dinner and they were happy. The babies were so thrilled to be sitting in highchairs and kicking their legs in clean diapers and clothes. Then my husband says it I going to take close to 2 hours to get home (a normal 60 min ride). Seriously, why....why me. I wanted to trade him places and I know he gladly would have, but I can't drive stick. How convenient for him. So, back in the car we go. The babies fall asleep (finally thank-you Lord), and now I just have 3 kids sitting in the back threatening to throw-up because their bellies hurt from all the ice cream...........(thanks again DH). Well, I am happy to say we made it home at 10:30pm and everyone went straight to bed and didn't get up until 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30am. Well, everyone except DH who had to get up at his normal 5:30am....pay back....perhaps!

P.S. When DH went in to kiss G (6 year old DD) she said "Daddy next time we take a trip maybe you should check the weather."

Until next time.....happy day

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am having what?????????????

The day is still so clear in my mind and will forever be a day I will never forget a single detail. I went to my doctor’s appointment just like I had with my other 3 children. By my calculation I was about 8 weeks along and I was pretty sure I was dying. I assumed I would go to my appointment and they would tell me I had this awful and rare disease that made you feel like your insides were falling out. Just in case they didn't, I had a speech (more like a sob story) prepared that would cause any physician to fumble for their prescription pad. I had been so sick, I could barely function. I mean, I had been sick with other pregnancies. Throwing up 5-6 times a day, but this was different. It was so awful and on top of that I still had 3 little ones to care for. At one point my husband said to me "are you going to be like this the whole 9 months." I didn't speak I just glared at him. You know, the way only wives can glare.

Well, I met with my doctor and she was sympathetic and had some concern for my health since, I was already 6lbs under my pre pregnancy weight. It just figures, the only way I can lose weight easily is when I should actually be gaining it. She cheerfully wrote me a prescription for Zofran and I let out the biggest sigh of relief. I think it even caught her off guard. On my way out she said "before you go let's go ahead and check your dates with an ultrasound, just to be sure." I was sure of my dates, was there reason to worry? Did she think I was too small? On the other hand, it was a chance to take a peek at this little bundle of joy that had been making so violently ill for the past 8 weeks. Yes, I am pretty sure the morning sickness started before I took my pregnancy test. Not to mention, I tested way too early and it took 22.2 seconds for the 2 lines to show-up.....that should have tipped me off.

Off to the ultrasound I go. I am already trying to figure out in my head where the closest pharmacy is so I can get my prescription filled and then head to the nearest drive-thru! My wonderful ultrasound tech was so sweet and as she is chatted away with me. She laid the ultrasound wand on my belly for a couple seconds (while I got situated) and she quickly took it off, before I even have a chance to look. She then said "Are you ready for this?” I replied with an enthusiastic "yes, let see this little baby." She then said "well…..there is two!" I am sorry what?!?! The conversation is a little blurry for me at this point, but I am pretty sure I kept saying over and over "Oh my goodness. Are you sure?" She kept saying "yes I am sure, see they are right there." Clearly there were 2, I could see them perfectly. All of the sudden I was a wiz at reading the ultrasound images....go figure. Before, I couldn't tell an arm, from the cord, from a penis. Now, I could see them with my own eyes, I just couldn’t believe we were going to have twins. How did this happen? Okay, I knew how.......but how? My wonderful tech asks me if I was going to be okay. I think all the color must have drained from my face at that point. She said "I know you have 1 more at home..right?" Ahhhhhhhhh no not exactly, I actually have 3 at home". She then looked at me is disbelief and shock. Yep, that would be the look I would get very use too. It still happens when I go anywhere with all 5, people stop, stare, and ask "are these all yours?"

So I got in to my van and stared at the 3 car seats crammed in the back and just burst into tears. Happy, scared out of my mind tears. I still couldn't process it. My first call was to my DH, so hard at work, and so clueless about how his life was about to change. We chatted for a second and then I told him that they did an ultrasound and they found a little something extra. When I explained the little something extra was a whole other human being.........you could have heard a pin drop! He then proceeded to tell me, I was joking about 2 or 3 times and when I promised him I wasn't he then said no........and I say yes..........and he said no..........and I said yes. Honestly, I don't remember how long it took to convince him, but I finally told him that it was true and I had the picture to prove it. A beautiful picture of our babies, our little twins……..two people that I never imagined in my wildest dreams. Amazing and incredibly scary all at once.
Baby A and Baby B.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pleeeeaase will you just try for mommy??????

Well, I have been putting off a "big" event in our house for several months.......potty training yet another child. My third to be exact. Many of you would ask why put it off you are currently changing 3 diapers every diaper change? It is like an assembly line. I told my DH after having my first 2 children so close I would NEVER have two babies in diapers again. Oh boy was I correct on all accounts. I didn't have two in diapers, with the arrival of the twins I had three. Three babies in diapers. Maybe six years ago I shouldn't have chuckled under my breath when my SIL mentioned she would be using cloth diapers. I guess she got the last chuckle on that one!

I have been putting off potty training my middle child Sam, well frankly because he is stubborn and it can make thing harder. When you move a child out of diapers into big boy pants it changes everything. You could be heading down the highway in the middle of nowhere when you hear "mommy, I need to go potty or worse yet mommy, I just went potty". Ugh seriously how am I suppose to get five kids out of the car and into a restroom in time for the little guy to go? It is impossible. My Mof5 (mother of five) trick #1 is always have a car potty. Totally gross and disgusting I know, especially when it is not #1. Going #2 is why this car potty must have a lid that latches so there is no unwanted odor or spillage. I learned this lesson the hard way. A visual you are all picturing now I know. Sorry, but this has really been a lifesaver for us. Especially with our 16-18 hour drive once a year we take to visit family. The child can quickly hop out of their seat and go. It makes it easy as pie and just in the nic of time too.

Sam is quite a different child than my other 2. He is very vocal and for the last 5 months he has been explaining, how he doesn't want to use the big boy potty. He does it in about a 100 words or less but just barely. Which makes me think about potty training him even more, since he can so clearly tell me why he is not interested. I think what really put me over the edge was when my MIL was here last weekend and the conversation she had with her Grandson. She told him "you know Sam you could use the potty and be a big boy just like the other kids." Sam response was "YEP I know I can, I just don't want too." What? How old are you 8? I made my decision right then and there Sam is going to be DONE with diapers. On Monday, I recruited the older kids to join me in "encouraging" Sam to use the potty. Ahhh okay and I might have mentioned something about everyone getting M&M's upon his success. Well, this kicked it into high gear. G&D were taking Sam(their little candy goldmine)to the potty about every 10 minutes. Mof5 tip #2 offer the reward to all the children. Well, it has worked great and he has only had one accident in the last 3 days. I am prompting him a lot but that is how they learn to recognize it. I am a big believer in waiting until the child is ready and for all of mine it has been around the 2.5yr mark. Now, Sam is excited to be just like his big brother and wear his big boy pants....no M&M's required!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wow 10 months!

Why does time go so fast after you have kids? Why didn't alegbra or better yet geometry in high school go this fast? Our babies are now 10 months old and I can't even remember their second month anymore. I am pretty sure with each child, it makes the clock move even faster. It has gotten worse with each child. Time now moves at warp speed with 5 children at home. I really wish I could bottle some of these stages and be able to pull them out when I need a baby fix or some funny toddler moments. I say this about every stage, but 10 months is one of my favorite.

Jake (older by a minute) weights almost 20lbs and looks just like Grace, Sam and Daddy. His is getting number 7 and 8 teeth and has a big toothy grin now that just melts my heart. He is crawling everywhere and showing me that I need to step it up with the vacuuming. He loves to laugh at his sisters and brother....even when he is getting tackled by his older brother Sam. At times he does get the nickname "Sir Cries Alot of Mr. Fussy Pants". He is definetly the more high maintance twin! He loves to shake his head no and is my 3rd confirmed "mama's boy". I love it!

Alice is tipping the scales at over 16.5lbs.....our little sweet pea. She has finally gotten 2 teeth this week. I thought for a while we were going to need to get her baby dentures, I guess we will just start saving for braces instead. She is also crawling everywhere and she is so precious when she looks at me with her baby blues. She hardly complains about anything and everytime you look at her she has a huge gummy smile. (My fav.) She is so petite and fair skinned.....I have no idea where she came from.....seriously. She fills our house with such joy!

When I told DH after the birth of our now forever middle child that I thought I would get that done feeling, but never did. I now know I was missing two of the best little beings on the planet. Happy 10 months J&A!

Until next time...happy day!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Mother

I thought since I am writing this blog in part to preserve memories for my children, it might be fitting to tell you about them. I will start out with our Gracie K. She was our first born, so beautiful and perfect with jet black hair. She made me a mommy and it was such a special time. She was an easy, happy baby and slept great. At 6 1/2 she is still very easy and a sweet loving little girl. She adores her brothers and sister, she is a little mother to them. I have even heard my words come out of her mouth. "Now you two, I told you there will be no wrestling in the car.....I mean it." Seriously. I think it is even worse when I am not around. I know she will act like their mommy and comfort them when they are sad or hurt. She has such a big heart and loves everyone she meets. I have never seen her be mean to anyone on purpose (with the exception of her brothers on occasion). Her response to the way she feels about her brothers would be "I just have soooooo many brothers, but they are my best friends!" Ahhhh that makes a mommy's heart all warm and fuzzy.

I love that she will read a book and then change her room, or her clothes to look like the girl in the book. She has done this with Fancy Nancy, Little Mommy, and her Baby Dear books. It is so cute and she has such imagination. She leaves DH and I love notes on our pillows. When I was on bedrest she prayed everyday for me and that the babies would be healthy. She tell everyone she meets that she loves Jesus and why. She is sensitive, sweet, smart, and loving all rolled-up into one pretty darn cute package.

I call Grace my little fashionista. She loves clothes......hmmm wonder where she would have picked that up. (Mind boggling) She will put these outfits together for herself and I have to say she is getting really good at it. A couple Sunday's ago she even laid out my outfit for me to wear to church. Complete with all the jewerly and acessories. I wore it and she was so proud.

Grace loves to ski, swim, play t-ball, attend Awana, and of course dance. Right now she is taking hip hop, ballet & tap. She is so darn cute out there, and is such a good listener. Of course she does have drama every now and then...what girl doesn't. She is emotional at times,and wears her heart on her sleeve. I suppose that is only going to get worse. I am so proud of our little girl and the little mommy she is. There are days I wouldn't have made it through, if I didn't have her entertaining babies, running to get bottles, diapers, and jammies. She is a HUGE help and does it with such a happy heart. I know I could take a lesson from her. Her patience with her sibling is more than most adults have by a mile. She is such a joy and I can't wait to see the young lady she turns out to be. (I hope it goes slower than the first six years) Not to worry she says she is going to live next door so I can help her with her 6 kids. I asked if she was going to have a husband and she said "well, of course I have to have money!!!!" (Out of the mouths of babes)

She is one of the biggest reasons I decided to try homeschooling. Going to school for half days is one thing but for the whole day.....no way. I missed her so much when she was gone for the morning. She really gave me the confidence to give it a try because, I knew she would do anything we asked her to do. She makes everything so easy. Now, she says she loves HS and never wants to go back to regular school......except to play with her friends at recess:-)

God has sent this little angel to us, to train up in the ways of the Lord. She sure makes our job so easy! I love you Grace.

Until next time.....happy day

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where does it begin and end.

I knew life was going to change with the twins, I mean how could it not. We were adding 2 whole people to our lives in one instances. My husband and I walked (well I was kind of doubled over) into the hosptial as a couple and left as a foursome. Things were going to be very different. I knew sleeping would be different (didn't know it was going to be nonexsistent....that is another blog). I knew it would take time for the other kids to adjust to the babies. I knew there would be more mouths to feed, and diapers to change(didn't know there would be that many). One thing that never really occured to me was how much my laundry routine would change. Now if I am being truthful even doing laundry for a family of five was a struggle. However, adding 2 more people to the mix, plus a 2 year old who can now take on and off his clothes really put this "laundry thing" over the edge.

I am great at washing clothes, let me just say. If you walk into my house on any given day you can hear the hum of my washer and the drum of my dryer. Admittedly I have on occasion forgotten to put the clothes in the dryer and have had to rewash. But for the most part I am excellent at "doing" laundry. I was surprised that my 1 load a day (everyday of the week don't dare take a day off) jumped to 2-3 a day. Especially when they were newborns and were pooping and spitting-up on everything. Now, it is babyfood everywhere and the stains have just gotten harder with each sweet potato. There are days were I am really jealous of Kate Gosslin, okay really just mintues. There is one episode where she talks about having someone come over and fold all her laundry and another person comes to put it away. Now, I really shouldn't be comparing myself to Kate, after all she has 3 more children than I do and of course a whole host of other issues (thank goodness those belong to her.) I am however very jealous of her laundry routine. In this house laundry can sit in the laundry baskets clean for a week or more. Honestly sometimes it is just easier to pull out the clean pj's and put them on the freshly bathed child. Than to sit and fold for an hour and only to have the pj's ripped from the bottom of neatly folded pile. Arg......all the clothes get toppled over and what was the point of folding in the first place! I don't really know why I can't seem to get them folded and put away. I am not lazy, how can I be.....really. Is it that I don't have time? We can always make time for something. I guess I really just hate the process. Wash the clothes, dry the clothes, fold the clothes, put away the clothes, have the child mess-up the clothes in the drawer, child wears the clothes......spills, colors, poops, paints, spits-up, or rolls around in mud in the clothes. Rinse repeat.
I do joke with my husband that when he builds my new laundry room I am going to have 2 washer and dryers, and I am going to keep all the boys clothes hanging in the laundry room. They are going to only have jeans, polo shirts, white socks, and underwear. I am going to make it simple. I think it is a great idea and I won't have to sort who's socks are who's, they can figure it out!!!! Today the laundry is so out of control with 3 baskets neatly folded and ready to be put away and 2 big baskets still needing to be folded...I am making time today to get it done. My folding clothes ritual is (about once a week sometime less...sorry but true) I TIVO some daytime TV, sit with my vanilla latte, and get folding/putting away. It really is kind of a treat because for those of you who know me, I DON'T do daytime television and rarely nighttime (expect when I am on the treadmill). So it is a time for me to get lost in Dr. Phil or Housewives of OC, talk about taking my mind off the laundry.lol Well, I am off to fix my latte and figure out where the clean piles end and the dirty begins.

Until next time.......happy day.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wrestling Mom

I had to do a follow up on this wrestling phenomenon that is sweeping our household. We went to Drew's meet on Saturday.....all 7 of us! My husband was a little apprehensive, okay a lot. All of us in a small hot gym with 300 other people, sounds fun. Well, I didn't care I was not going to miss it. Everyone did great and I am glad we went. Drew's 1st match lasted about 35 seconds with him immediatly pinning his oponent. His 2nd one lasted about 45 seconds also with the same out come. I was amazed. Drew was now going to wrestle in the championship match for 1st place. I really couldn't believe how good he was. Most of the kids when they wrestled just did a log roll the whole time, but Drew was actually doing moves. He would do a take down and immediately put a half nelson on the kid.(I am learning a lot of the wrestling lingo) He was listening to the coach so intently and then doing exactly what he said. I really couldn't believe my little 5 year old was capable of doing this all so well. Every match brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face as I watched my stone cold son wrestle.

The championship match was a lot tougher for him. It really made him disciplined to keep after it and not give up. He never let up once, after take down, after take down. He kept going. Even when he was tired he still never gave up. Drew won the match on points 22 to 11. What a proud moment when he recieved his Gold Medal. My mind has totally changed on this sport. This is an individual sport which is great for my quiet shy little boy. He is learning to listen and self perseverance about sticking with it no matter what. He is so proud of what he is doing too. On Sunday, he wore his wrestling shirt and medal everywhere we went. I am now proud to be a wrestling mom!