Happy Day

Happy Day

Friday, July 30, 2010

Naps Are Wasted on the Young

If someone put a fuzzy footed sleeper on me, gave me some milk, turned on a fan and a sound machine, gave me my favorite blanket, kissed me gently, and stroked my forehead and cheek I would be out like a light for at least 3 hours.  Seriously maybe 4.  So why when I do this to my kids do they not fall into a bliss state of complete relaxation?  Instead, Sam comes out every 5 minutes and says "I am awake I had a great nap."  Jake takes his bottle and plays the drums on his crib and takes off his sleeper.  Alice squeals and takes her clothes off......seriously how do they do that?  If they do go to sleep they are often woke up by someone yelling, crying or a door slam.......(ugh) they never go back to sleep either.  Then, the next 2 hours while I am trying clean, do dishes, laundry, and make an edible dinner they are crying.....screaming.......fussing......throwing themselves on the ground.  It really makes me long for the days when I just had 2 or 3 kids (no I am not giving anyone way.........well maybe around nap time so I can get something done:-) and they all laid down at the same time and slept.  The house was so quiet I go so much done or just took an nap right a long with them.  As with everything I know this is just a phase and soon they will be napping again great.  We do have those rare days I can get 3 to sleep at the exact time for 2 hours.......pure heaven.  Here to hoping today is one of those days!!!!! "Kids nap time!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Broken Promise

So I told myself when I started this blog that I wouldn't let it consume me, you know become a big time mommy blogger!  (LOL) No worries here since my writing has become almost non existent.  I guess I use to think writing was a release for me, something just for me to get my feelings out and to feel better.  Well, now I see it is just one more thing on my overflowing to do list.  I want to do better because I started this blog for my kids, to journal their craziness.  I honestly just don't have time to write.  I really want it documented and if I could delegate it I would.....well laundry first then blog.  When my husband is home on the weekends (who is BTW a huge help cooking etc.) has made comments about how in the world do I get anything done besides basic care of everyone?  Truth is, it does get hectic and yes ,I do lose my patience sometimes but being a mother to 5 beautiful children really isn't too hard.  I think it could be so much harder: I could have to work (bless the working mothers), I could have a child with a disability or illness, or I could be doing it as a single mother.  When put in those terms life is pretty easy.  So why do I find it so hard to take an hour and blog about my day?  Too tired, need to go workout, need to fold the laundry, I would rather shop for a new dress for our trip, finish that book you started 2 months ago, sleep...........these are just a couple excuses:-)  I do want to do better for my monkeys so I am going to try.  Here are some fun things to remember for my kids:

Grace turned 7 and she got a brand new room with new bed, bedding, dresses, and pink walls.
We are have finished our basement and I love it!
Now we are remodeling out bathrooms due to a leak:-(
Grace lost her 2 front teeth and is adorable
Alice got her front teeth in and I think she could be the prettiest little girl
Alice is the craziest climber ever......stairs, couch, fireplace, coffee table.
Jake is walking and looks just like Daddy.
J is a very happy daddy's boy
Sam our crazy child.  He says things like "Are you mad at me? Yes you are." It is so funny when he does it!
S is way to smart for us.
G&D have done an amazing job in swim team this year and officially know how to swim!!!!
S is also a fish in the baby pool
Drew went to wrestling camp and loved it.  He is going again this week.
D is really coming out of his shell and gaining so much confidence.
My kids are amazing travelers and did a 18 drive straight.  One minor incident of gum in Sam's hair.  If you ask him he will say that he will never ever put gum in his hair again, I promise.  Just in case WD40 takes it right out.
Hubby and I enjoyed the best date day we climbed Waterdog and then all the way up to the Continental Divide.  We went on a 2 hour jeep ride that was meant for 4 wheelers......little scary at times.  I loved it and the quiet lunch that followed!

Well, lil monkeys I sure do love you and all the craziness you bring into my life!!!!  I just want to write down more of it so I can tell ya when you are older.

I love you!