Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I need go go gadget arms.........

So I was sitting in my favorite comfy glider rocking and nursing Jake. I was really enjoying the quailty time together. I know he is getting big and our days of nursing are most likely numbered. He was pretty fidgety and fussy, not realizing what was going on I kept rocking and feeding him. He then proceeded to throw-up all over me, my comfy glider, and himself. "Ewwww.....seriously this today?" So I quickly gave him a bath and got him all cleaned up and smelling like sweet cuddly baby again. He of course promptly threw-up again and now it was flowing freely out of both ends. (Sorry TMI) Poor baby, I couldn't lay him down he just wanted mommy. It is so hard when they are sick. You feel so helpless and just want to take any pain away.

My next thought was, lets keep this "thing" contained. Anyone who has more than one child knows this is a domino effect. I quickly started another (sigh) load of laundry....ugh stomach flu laundry the worst. That is the laundry that trumps all the other laundry. So begins the psycho cleaning of toys, highchairs, blankets, paci, spoons, sippy cups and.........anything in sight. I have to make sure that Alice doesn't get it too and everyone else. At all cost please not my DH (we all know they get it way worse than we do and can't keep quiet about it;-) and heaven forbid the mom get sick. Mom's should have a special immunity and never be able to be sick. (so far so good)

Well, I am sure you can guess all my special mom and cleaning powers were no match for the flu bug. Our sweet baby girl soon fell victim to the nasty stomach bug and of course got it even worse. Doing everything I could to comfort them both and care for everyone else was almost impossible. They really needed three of me or at least three more sets of arms. Having twins is challenging enough, but then you add on illness and three more children, it is an uphill battle the whole way. I almost felt helpless and defeated. Thankfully, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. My light was a man that walked in the door wearing a halo.....daddy! I don't think he was very excited to be there. Especially, when I quickly told them I was glad he was home and instantly began barking orders at him. Poor guy....he had been working all day too. I think he took one look at me, still in my workout gear from 6am and decided to keep his complaints to himself. Smart man.....very smart man. He held down the fort so I could hop in the shower to remove the sweat, grime, vomit, poop, and any other foreign substances. Refreshed and ready for round 15, poor sweet lil Alice threw-up all over her very tired momma. Seriously........

Well, today is a new day everyone is still not up to par but I believe on the mend. My older three kids have been so helpful during this lastest bout of illness, I decided to reward them with a sucker and a movie. Two things that don't happen very often. After I got the babies down for their naps, I went to check on my sweet angels. There they were sitting quietly watching the movie and swapping suckers. Fabulous!!!!!

They make me laugh and pull my hair out all in the same five minutes!

Until next time.........happy day!


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Love your blog.

  2. What a beautiful post. Did I really say that when it was mainly about vomit and sick kids. mmm hmm, yes, I said it. Because your love for your children really shines through.

    I found you via MBC (Under 100 Followers Club). I now follow you and am happy to do so.


  3. Adorable post. Vomit and all. So sorry that you guys got such a nasty bug, but hopefully you are all on the mend now. BTW I love TMI so all the gory details are a-okay by me!!! We're moms right? Anyway, found your blog on the site of another great blogger. Am following you now. Come by and visit me sometime too if you wish.