Happy Day

Happy Day

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Girly Girl...............

I don't know how it happened but it is official and I have a girly girl. I am so not a girly girl so how could this be. Growing up I remember leaving a ring around the tub almost every night from the filth I got into each day. I was a jock in high school and even college. Don't get me wrong it isn't like I never did my hair or wore a stitch of make-up, I did all and then went to play in my college softball game. Even today I always get up do my hair/make-up, cute outfit (this makes me feel good as a SAHM) and then scrub the toilets and carry out the trash.
So I wonder how did I end-up with such a girly girl. The little girl that changes her clothes ten times a day and each outfit is cuter than the next. She plays with her dolls constantly and wants to take them to the zoo and to church with us because they will be lonely. She is a dancer.......I have 2 left feet. She is a great little cheerleader...........basketball was my favorite sport. She gets dirty in her dresses and painted nails...................I don't even remember wearing a dress or painting my nails. She is sensitive and sweet and loves everything purple and pink. Her cheer coach just moved her to the group for 4th-6th graders because she says Grace has real talent (she is not 7 yet). How? Not from me. On Saturday, I got to watch her do her Hip Hop routine for her recital and she is really good. I know I sound surprise but where did she get that talent? Maybe her daddy has some dancing abilities I have yet to see. So I guess my girly girl will be a dancer and a cheer leader instead of a little tomboy! It is just amazing what little people your kids become with their own thoughts and abilities. I Love My Girly Girl Grace!!!!!!!!!!

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