Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well child check-up's are for singletons

Well, I use to look forward to the well child check-ups with all of my other kids.  I loved seeing how much they had grown and maybe brag a bit about their gifted abilities.  You know typical mom stuff.  Having our twins has been a relatively easy adjustment, I am not really sure why.  When we found out I thought I would need a cleaning lady and nanny.  Well, we had a nanny about 1-2 days a week for about 2 months or so and I still have yet to find a good cleaning lady.  It has just been us and I think we have done great!  That is until we head to the doctor's for the well child visits and the dreaded shots.  I hate it so much, don't get me wrong I love to see what they weight and what percentiles they are in, but it is just miserable for all of us and I wish I had 3 nannies with me 2 for the babies and 1 for me.  The 1 year visit was no better, expect my girlfriend watched my other 3 kids. (Grace usually goes with me to help hold one when they are done with their shots but his time she opted out because "I hates the screaming:-(")  I agree but I couldn't opt out.  So off we go at the worst time ever....6pm, my thought (when I booked 3 mo ago) was DH could go and help, but of course he had to work late (how convenient).  So they are already fussy in their stroller before we even get into our room which BTW was 77 degrees.  That is wonderful while I hold 2 unhappy 1 year olds.  We get them weighted and all the other business out the way....everyone will be happy to know that their head sizes are still off the charts.  Great Alice is tiny with a huge head...that will be pretty for prom!  I strap them both back their strollers in their diapers, they are coming undone.  After about 10 minutes of more waiting in walks the Doctor with the Intern, perfect..................teaching during my apt.  Well, he got a lesson alright.........don't have twins!!  By this time they are both screaming because apparently someone tried to look at them.....do not make eye contact with the 12 mo old please, they only like mommy.  They are crying in unison and I am sweating bullets.  The doctor says hmmmmm they both have temps and my reply is "yes, they are both teething, I try not to medicate much, and oh yeah it is 1,000 degrees in this room." (I didn't really say the last one but I did state I thought they were overheated)  They then ask me about the forms I filled out and one of the questions was does your baby share.........um he is 1.  NO.  He has 4 brothers and sisters when he has a hold of something he doesn't let go........not because his social skills aren't up to par but because he is SMART!!  This line of questioning goes on for about 5 more minutes.......Que louder screaming babies.  They are now over it.  Doctor gets a page and leaves.  Intern stays in the room and asks "do you really have 3 more at home?"  Yup.  "Wow, you are busy." Yup.  Doctor returns and now it is time to examine the babies......yeah right.  Jake goes first he screaming and tries to roll of the table.  I don't think he got a good look at anything.  Alice is next and she is even worse.......she holds her breath she is so mad.  Finally it is shot time.....great the moment we have all been waiting for.  Jake goes first it took all my strength to hold him down and Alice was the same way.  Mommy was smart though she brought jammies to put on them, put them in their stroller with a bottle and all was forgotten.  Well, until the next day when they both had 100 temps all day long.  The bright side is that they were so worn out from all of it they took 3 hour am naps and 2 hour afternoon naps............poor babies.  Well child visits are for the birds when it come to TWINS...... bring reinforcements!!!!

Jake: 21lb 3oz
30.5 inches

Alice: p'nut 17lb 12oz
28.5 inches
I guess she will be backwards facing till kindergarten!


  1. They are so stinkin' cute! I don't think Alice looks like she has a big head in any of her pics - it looks normal. :) I'm sorry it's double duty with shots now, I know jsut taking Bella by myself this last time made me upset, and so stressed. I can't imagine taking 2.
    I still have a present for them. Once things calm down here I'll see if there's a day that works for you for me to come visit! Miss you guys!

  2. Your children are adorable! I don't see how you do it with 5 little ones.
    I'm now following you on Google Friend Connect and would love to have you follow me too. Also, come by and visit on Friday and add your name to the Friendly Friday blog hop. We would love to have you join the fun! :)