Happy Day

Happy Day

Monday, May 17, 2010

Time flies with 5 kids...........

Wow, I thought time stood still during geometry class in high school, but now it seems like I blink and another week or month has gone by.  I think children are little time keepers.  When they are babies you celebrate each month, when they are children you celebrate every half year, and then when they are older time travels by you with each passing sports season.  It is hard because sometimes you just can't wait till they are big enough to sit-up, crawl, walk, ride a bike, swim, drive a car........ When does it stop we are always looking forward to the next milestone.  Right now Sam tells me he wants to be 4 so he can wrestle and I kind of want the babies to walk so we can play outside more.  Then I think am I "living in the moment" or I am just waiting for the next exciting moment.  I think I even do this in our daily life of  living for the weekends when daddy is home.  I am afraid I am so guilty of just going through the motions instead of really taking in the giggles, the kids swinging on the swing set, and even the fighting over who pushed first.  It is hard but I am really going to try to "be" in each moment and not think about the fact that I have to switch the laundry in 15 mins, lay out some meat for dinner, wipe down the counters, check on the babies, I really just want to forget it all and watch my kids play and take it all in.  I know they are only this small today and I can't get yesterday back.  I love my life I need to make sure I am really living it and not waiting for the next thing I need to do or the next thing to celebrate.

So today I enjoyed:
Holding my babies
Sitting on the floor and letting them crawl all over me
Reading to the kids
Baking carrot cake bars
Doing a nature walk with them
I am going to enjoy watching them swim and taking Grace to cheer leading.
I really enjoyed this beautiful day God has given us!

Make sure you ENJOY your day!!!!

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  1. I love your list, way to live in the moment, you will treasure writing these down... I love #1...