Happy Day

Happy Day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Outstanding Wrestler Div 1

Drew we were so proud of you this wrestling season! By watching you wrestle no one would ever guess this was your very first season. You went out to the mat for each match with such focus and desire to pin the other kid standing in front of you. You shed a few tears and showed some fear but you always came back and did an amazing job. You made you mommy and daddy fall in love with this sport and you have totally put it in a new light for us. We hope you continue to wrestle because we think you have a special gift and believe it is teaching you so much about yourself. During this season you were 10-3 and all but 3 of your wins were pins, 2 were techfalls, 1 you beat on points. One of your loses you got beat by a kid that weighed more than 5lbs more, 1 match you lost by 1 point, and the other you got beat by a kid that took 2nd in the Rocky Mountain National. You got four 1st place finishes and two 2nd. We are amazed at the improvements you made through the year. Your coach thought so too because last night you were named "Outstanding Wrestler Div 1"!!! We love you so much Drew, we are so proud of you!!!!

L, Mommy & Daddy

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  1. How cute!! :)

    Just wanted to let you know that you have an award waiting for you on my blog :)