Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We have a schedule...yippy !!!

I am so happy to report that after 11 months of living with twins we finally have a schedule!!!! I really never thought I would see the day. I mean as a mother of 3, you pretty much think you have your act together in "mommyhood". Then God throws you a curveball with TWINS. I think God has an awesome sense of humor. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. I think back to when I use to complain when I had one child that woke-up every 2 hours through out the night. Yea I pretty much should have kept my big mouth shut! When the twins were younger, I would ALWAYS have 2 up and sometimes 3 and really bad night 4&5 (BTW night terrors and growing pains are a real thing). The nights didn't stay like that forever, although last night everyone but sweet baby Alice made their way to our room or screamed bloody murder for me to come rescue them from the dark. For the last 6 years what has amazed me most about our households sleep patterns is the one constant, the person who can always managed to sleep soundly…… DH (gritting my teeth a bit). It is like the moment he became a father automatic ear plugs formed in his ears. The best is when (huge sarcasm) the screaming gets so loud into the monitor with multiple children crying, it actually wakes him. He walks into the nursery relieved to see me, so he can go back to bed and mumbles “you got this?” Ahh….. do I have a choice? Because if so……”you got this?”

I am pretty lucky though because since about 9 months both babies have been sleeping through the night or at least until 4am. Naps were such a different story. In my house naps don't count if they are an hour or less. If someone (not to name, name (JAKE)) would get up before sleeping at least an hour, I would explain to him that he got no credit for lying down. "Sorry pal better luck next time." These conversations went on for about 10 months. Then a break through one morning both J&A slept for 2.5 hours at the same time!!!! I mean I must have checked on them both about 4-5 times. They got-up and they were so happy and fun to be around. They ate lunch, crawled a round a bit, pulled books off the shelf and then it was like magic, they were tired again. Back down they went, for another 2 hours at exactly the same time. This trend has continued for about 2-3 weeks and I am so happy. In the mornings I can get school work done, laundry, treadmill it, and even have time to check facebook. The afternoons I can sit on the back deck and drink a latte, content and knowing that no one is upstairs screaming their head(s) off. It is such a nice feeling to know that I am going to survive the first year with 5, six and under and that I am not going to sleep deprived mommy heaven.

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