Happy Day

Happy Day

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feel the burn

Well, I just started my 1st 60 days in my new program "Insanity", and let me just tell you it is "insane". I have only done two workouts and I can barely walk (in good way). You know like when you were in high school and you just started your basketball season and did so many suicides you could barely walk......good. I really like it because it is intense to say the least and it says you can burn up to 1000 calories, now that is a lot of burgers and pizza I can eat! Not to mention yesterday I had to change my Weight Watchers from breastfeeding to not breastfeeding (wipe a tear Jake is done) seriously they took away 9 points!!!! I almost cried and was through all my points by dinnertime..oops! I also love it because most workouts are 40 minutes long and this works great for my crazy schedule. Plus I can't handle more than 40 minutes of this stuff.

I am back to getting up early (4:45 early)ugh. Not my favorite but DH hits the treadmill at the same time and when we are done working out he showers and I make him breakfast and send him on his way. I know I am very 1950's but I am great with that. So it is only 6am and I have time to sit down with my coffee and write, just a little me time. The babies are stirring but just with sweet conversation to eachother. I love this time, I need this time. I feel ready to start the day when the monkeys get-up and already have a great sense of accomplishment. I do think tomorrow I will have to parent from the couch because I won't be able to move!!!!!

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  1. Jill, that is awesome! Way to go Mommy! Sorry to hear about Jake being done, I will be crying that day also... Enjoy your day!