Happy Day

Happy Day

Friday, April 16, 2010

Potty training was so easy!!!!

I know most of you reading this post might get the feeling I am bragging.....maybe a little. You would be too if it only took you like a day potty train your 2 year old. Really I am just doing a happy dance about the fact I only have two in diapers....now you all are getting the last laugh! Sam was so easy, I am not really sure why but here are a couple of my thoughts. He was ready age wise. I believe 2.5 is the perfect age, I am not saying kids can't be trained before that, I just feel this is when "most" kids can hold it long enough to get "themselves" to the bathroom. I know we all have people in our families that insist they had their children potty trained at 9mo, 12, 15mo. Sure, ya did. A 9 mo old walked themsleves into the bathroom took their pants off, went to the bathroon, wiped, flushed, and put their own pants back on. Yeah right more like the mom was trained to take the child to the bathroom. (DH's Dad was potty trained at 9mo:-)))))
Another reason is he talked well, you gotta be able to say "I gotta go potty, mommy." I also think it helped that he had older siblings. My number 1 reason for his success of potty training is bribery. Not above it and won't ever be. The promise of spiderman big boy pants or M&M's goes a long way. So it has been about a month that he is using the potty with minmal accidents, and several times of pulling off the road so he can go to the bathroon. Him being potty trained is great and I have no more big boy dirty diapers (thank goodness). But on the other hand it was easier when he was in diapers and we are shopping at Walmart with 5 kids and a cart full of groceries!!! I am proud my little guy is growing up!

Potty funnies
He take his pants, underwear, shoes, & socks completly off to go to the bathroom.
He saw his brother stand up to "go" and insisted he was ready........he was NOT ready!
The first time I pulled over so he could go potty he made me tell him something to "aim" for.
He also had the stomach bug shortly after he was trained and now every time he goes #2 he says "I think it is diarreha Mommy". I don't know why but it is funny to hear a 2 year old to say such a grown-up word....TMI I know!
Just this week he learned to "water the trees" in our yard. One night about 5pm the kids were all inside playing and Sam walked out the back door and said "I gotta go potty mommy!" LOL


  1. Well you should totally be happy to have your little one potty trained!! Brag on :)!

  2. You should be proud! Only 2 in diapers now! My first two were super easy, I think that it had something to do with the fact that I never really cared. There was no pressure. Congrats on one less person to buy diapers for! Woo hoo!!