Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have been so bad about blogging this week but things are just crazy!  So here are the happenings:
  1. Jake and Alice pull-up to everything.
  2. Jake stood on his own for 3 seconds today:-)
  3. Grace and Drew are both doing swimteam and are doing great.
  4. Grace offically finished her 1st full year of HS
  5. Drew is reading at a 1st grade level (just turned 5)
  6. Sam is 2.5 and has a mind of his own
  7. Sam has taken a few swim lessons and loves it.
  8. He has also learned to pee standing up.....Lord help us
  9. Jake and Alice went to daycare for one day and cried all day....crazy because they are such sweet, easy, and happy babies.  They are offically banned...lol
  10. Grace and Drew finised AWANA and their grand prix cars did great.
  11. We started construction on our basement to finish it and I am so happy!!!!
  12. We went on an offical HomeSchool group trip to the zoo.
We are so blessed these days and I can't believe in a few days we will be celebrating the babies 1st birthday's.  It just doesn't seem possible.  It is a goal of mine to post their birth story because J&A's was the craziest of them all!!!!

Here are a few pictures of my monkeys:  As you can see I am loving my new camera!


  1. They. Are. So. Cute. Grace looks exactly like you!!! You make me want 5 :) 4 for sure...but if I remember right, you were going for 4 too ;) Very sweet pictures!

  2. Jill go for it!!! You would do great!!!!

  3. Soo cute, new cameras are fun!! I loved saying I was 2.5, 5.5 when I was little!!

  4. I can't wait to see them! They are so cute, your photos look great! And Grace is almost in 2nd grade - that is hard to believe. You are such a good mom.

  5. Love these little people! Can't wait to squeeze them!