Happy Day

Happy Day

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Follow-up story for Mommy Mobile

So my DH read my post "Mommy Mobile" and pointed out that I forgot to tell a very important story that really shows the chaos we at times live. I don't know that I "forgot" I might have just "left it out" because it is a little embarrassing......to the mom anyway. Oh well, it is a memory so I will share for my kids sake.

It was a cold Sunday morning this winter and we were all in our Sunday best heading to church. The kids are in the back looking ever so cute and my husband and I are casually discussing how once again we are late. Not hard to be late when we have so many different personalities to get out the door. Plus Sunday's is family breakfast time and DH and I are always making something yummy to eat. We like to sit around, drink coffee, admire our view, and exchange nice pleasantries. Unfortunately we never quite get up early enough to fit it all in and this leaves us scrambling to get out the door.

So we are heading to church, I am applying my lip gloss and DH glances in the back and spots Sam (2yr) munching on something that doesn't look like the normal cereal, fruit chew, or partially eaten granola bar. He asks me "what is Sam eating?" I turn around to take a look and calmly reply “a hamburger." Yep, Sam was eating his McD's hamburger from the day before. When I asked Sam about it he replied with his mouth full "hmmmmmm this is good." We pleaded with him to put down the hamburger but he wouldn't budge. I told DH that at least it is winter and the car stayed freezing all night. I am trying to justify my calmness. Was it gross? Yes. Was it healthy for him, no but neither was the hot hamburger we purchased from the restaurant the day before. Was it hilarious? Most definitely. When we got to church and removed the hamburger from his little clutch he cried so hard and told mommy she was the "meanest mommy he had ever met." Seriously talk about laughing until you cry!!! Sometimes as moms, we just can't sweat the small stuff and learn the art of laughter. Life is way more fun once you can let go of the picture perfect life and clean house. You let yourself become a child too and really enjoy your children. Snack filled car seats and all!

Until next time.....happy day