Happy Day

Happy Day

Monday, March 15, 2010

The day from...........

How can I write about the day from "you know where" so vividly as if it happened yesterday? Well, because it did happen yesterday. It all started with a twinkle in my DH eye. Not the kind of twinkle he had in his eye when he first met me, this was the kind of twinkle that said "please let me be sixteen again." The persuasion started months and months ago with him priming me for the thought of us having "family time" together. Afternoons spent driving through the mountains and camping together. He had me so excited I was almost convinced this was my idea, my plan. So I was an easy target when last Tuesday he handed me his computer and said "hey what do you think about this one." I looked at it with a bit of hesitation because I was a little nervous what "this one" was going to be. There it was (drum roll please).......a Jeep. He was excited and stated that this Jeep has 6 seats so we can almost all fit. Hmmm almost all fit, I wondered who was the one that got left behind???? Perhaps me, maybe this was a daddy and five kids bonding experience and I would be left at home to take a nap or read a book. So I looked at the Jeep and I slowly got convinced this was a good idea and I even got a little excited too. On our honeymoon we had covered Maui and Kauai for 10 days in a red jeep and it was the best time. Yes, he played to my sentimental side. So I got a great idea.......yes buying this Jeep is now my idea and a pretty good one I might add. We started talking to the Jeep owner and got word on Saturday night about 10pm that we could go and look at it tomorrow (Sunday). Great, we will go. Never mind that it is 3 plus hours away and we have 5 kids to drag around with us. This is going to be great. I love road trips, I think it is great family time. Most of the time the kids want to watch a movie and DH and I can solve the world’s problems in peace and quiet. I should have known that the cards were stacked against us when we woke-up and it was 6:30 (which is sleeping in for us) but on the day of a road trip this is over sleeping. I walk downstairs and DH is preparing breakfast (so sweet) he says "you know it is really 7:30, right?" Oh yeah, I had completely forgot daylight savings. Great, we better hurry. We kicked into high gear and get everyone showered, dressed, fed, and packed for a day in the car. We are ready to pull out of the driveway at 9am (new time). My next clue should have been when I stepped outside with my first trip to the car of diaper bags(yes 2) coats, coffee, purse, cooler, snack bag, and DVD’s, wow it is a little cold out. The last 3 days had been warm and spring like so I hadn't given much thought about the weather. So, I rushed in and change out of my adorable ballet flats and put on my cowboy boots and re-checked the coat situation and counted 7. Away we go.....is that snow flurries I see? Down the road a bit further......wow it is really snowing. We actually thought about turning around but where we live it can be snowing one place and 60 degrees another, so we kept driving. I checked the weather via my blackberry and we were in the clear or so weather.com stated. Clue 3 came in the form of sweet baby girl A. From the moment she was born she has been the easy twin. She is so sweet natured and such a little smiley pants. Well, an 1.5 hours down the road she was still talking in the backseat with the occasional fuss. I thought for sure both of them would nap the whole way since we left at their nap time. J who we normally call "Sir Cries A lot" was blissfully sleeping. Oh well, DH said we are going to stop soon so I will feed them, change them, and then she will sleep during the rest of of the trip and the negotiations. Right before we get to our stop DH decides we should keep going, he just wants to complete the "mission" aka purchasing his dream Jeep. Okay great, I had this all planned and by stopping it was actually in the long run making the trip easier. I am a planner and I hate when my plans are changed especially by DH. I tried to convey this to him but down the road we go. We arrived in Jeep town with, 2 babies crying in the back, 3 kids are saying "I thought we were going to stop for lunch." So we finally did. Everyone was starving and ate great. A, seemed a little over tired but I was still hopeful that she would get in the car and fall fast asleep. So off to see the Jeep we go. I think this is when it dawns on me that if he buys Jeep, he is going to be driving home him silence and I am going to be driving home with 5 crabby kids in crappy weather. I guess this is where my bitterness begins. I am watching DH as he is talking with the Jeep owner; I mean how many times does one need to kick the tires??? While in the back of the car my sweet A's cries are getting louder and louder. I begin to wonder if DH and Jeep owner can hear how loud it is in this car. This is when my headache starts......I have never had a migraine before but if I had I am pretty sure this is what it would feel like. The kids where complaining, asking why daddy is taking so long, did he buy the Jeep yet, are we going to get to ride in it, when??? He went on a test drive that seemed like he was gone for an hour. I began to wonder if this was all a ploy. Maybe this was his plan all along.....have me drive him 4 hours from home, get his jeep, and then he flees the country. Leaving me to pay for the jeep and care of 5 children, in a town I know nothing about. I wondered would they put a mother of 5 in jail because her husband had a nervous breakdown? Okay, he is back, man I am going to make him wish he never came back. Snap out of it, I can't think clearly it is sooooo loud in this car and we have been sitting here for an 1.5 hours. Deep down I know this is his moment I should try to be happy. I mean in all of our 10 years of marriage he has never bought himself a toy. Although, he said this was an "investment" because if he changed his mind he could always sell if for what he bought it for or even a little more. Why is it when I purchased my Coach purse or Seven jeans they weren't "investments"? He comes over to the car and tells me got the Jeep for the price he wanted......well, great get it and let's go. I don't know why I thought it would a be a quick process, it was anything but. Complaints are getting louder and louder and poor A is hot she is crying so hard. I begin driving her around in hopes to lull her to sleep. The transaction is finally complete and we our way and A finally gives it up and falls asleep. DH calls me on my cell; this is now our quality time together me in my van plus 5 kids, him in his fancy new toy. He informs me we need to take the long way home because the highway we normally take is closed due to snow. Great.....just then there is blood curling screams coming from both babies. They have had it and they are in full protest now. Two babies sreaming at once. My 2 year old had finally fallen asleep only then to be awaken by the screaming. I am in my own worst nightmare. Everyone is so miserable and now I want to cry. To top it off the roads are bad and I hate driving on bad roads, it worries me and it take twice as long. My DH keeps checking in with me on the phone, I can barely hear him over all the screaming. I am getting more and more upset with him by the minute. Three hours later (8pm) we finally get to the town where we have decided we are going to get something to eat. It is snowing like crazy as I am changing diapers at the side of the van and getting the kids ready to go inside. Where is DH? He had to pull off the interstate to get gas so we got ahead of him, but I didn't think this far ahead. I had 2 babies completely changed, (outfits and all) 3 kids in coats, shoes, and on our way into DQ when he finally pulls up. He was very apologetic and extremely sorry about the day. I have told you before I have the best husband and he was doing his best to make-up to all of us. He got ice cream for the kids for dinner and they were happy. The babies were so thrilled to be sitting in highchairs and kicking their legs in clean diapers and clothes. Then my husband says it I going to take close to 2 hours to get home (a normal 60 min ride). Seriously, why....why me. I wanted to trade him places and I know he gladly would have, but I can't drive stick. How convenient for him. So, back in the car we go. The babies fall asleep (finally thank-you Lord), and now I just have 3 kids sitting in the back threatening to throw-up because their bellies hurt from all the ice cream...........(thanks again DH). Well, I am happy to say we made it home at 10:30pm and everyone went straight to bed and didn't get up until 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30am. Well, everyone except DH who had to get up at his normal 5:30am....pay back....perhaps!

P.S. When DH went in to kiss G (6 year old DD) she said "Daddy next time we take a trip maybe you should check the weather."

Until next time.....happy day

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