Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Mother

I thought since I am writing this blog in part to preserve memories for my children, it might be fitting to tell you about them. I will start out with our Gracie K. She was our first born, so beautiful and perfect with jet black hair. She made me a mommy and it was such a special time. She was an easy, happy baby and slept great. At 6 1/2 she is still very easy and a sweet loving little girl. She adores her brothers and sister, she is a little mother to them. I have even heard my words come out of her mouth. "Now you two, I told you there will be no wrestling in the car.....I mean it." Seriously. I think it is even worse when I am not around. I know she will act like their mommy and comfort them when they are sad or hurt. She has such a big heart and loves everyone she meets. I have never seen her be mean to anyone on purpose (with the exception of her brothers on occasion). Her response to the way she feels about her brothers would be "I just have soooooo many brothers, but they are my best friends!" Ahhhh that makes a mommy's heart all warm and fuzzy.

I love that she will read a book and then change her room, or her clothes to look like the girl in the book. She has done this with Fancy Nancy, Little Mommy, and her Baby Dear books. It is so cute and she has such imagination. She leaves DH and I love notes on our pillows. When I was on bedrest she prayed everyday for me and that the babies would be healthy. She tell everyone she meets that she loves Jesus and why. She is sensitive, sweet, smart, and loving all rolled-up into one pretty darn cute package.

I call Grace my little fashionista. She loves clothes......hmmm wonder where she would have picked that up. (Mind boggling) She will put these outfits together for herself and I have to say she is getting really good at it. A couple Sunday's ago she even laid out my outfit for me to wear to church. Complete with all the jewerly and acessories. I wore it and she was so proud.

Grace loves to ski, swim, play t-ball, attend Awana, and of course dance. Right now she is taking hip hop, ballet & tap. She is so darn cute out there, and is such a good listener. Of course she does have drama every now and then...what girl doesn't. She is emotional at times,and wears her heart on her sleeve. I suppose that is only going to get worse. I am so proud of our little girl and the little mommy she is. There are days I wouldn't have made it through, if I didn't have her entertaining babies, running to get bottles, diapers, and jammies. She is a HUGE help and does it with such a happy heart. I know I could take a lesson from her. Her patience with her sibling is more than most adults have by a mile. She is such a joy and I can't wait to see the young lady she turns out to be. (I hope it goes slower than the first six years) Not to worry she says she is going to live next door so I can help her with her 6 kids. I asked if she was going to have a husband and she said "well, of course I have to have money!!!!" (Out of the mouths of babes)

She is one of the biggest reasons I decided to try homeschooling. Going to school for half days is one thing but for the whole day.....no way. I missed her so much when she was gone for the morning. She really gave me the confidence to give it a try because, I knew she would do anything we asked her to do. She makes everything so easy. Now, she says she loves HS and never wants to go back to regular school......except to play with her friends at recess:-)

God has sent this little angel to us, to train up in the ways of the Lord. She sure makes our job so easy! I love you Grace.

Until next time.....happy day

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