Happy Day

Happy Day

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where does it begin and end.

I knew life was going to change with the twins, I mean how could it not. We were adding 2 whole people to our lives in one instances. My husband and I walked (well I was kind of doubled over) into the hosptial as a couple and left as a foursome. Things were going to be very different. I knew sleeping would be different (didn't know it was going to be nonexsistent....that is another blog). I knew it would take time for the other kids to adjust to the babies. I knew there would be more mouths to feed, and diapers to change(didn't know there would be that many). One thing that never really occured to me was how much my laundry routine would change. Now if I am being truthful even doing laundry for a family of five was a struggle. However, adding 2 more people to the mix, plus a 2 year old who can now take on and off his clothes really put this "laundry thing" over the edge.

I am great at washing clothes, let me just say. If you walk into my house on any given day you can hear the hum of my washer and the drum of my dryer. Admittedly I have on occasion forgotten to put the clothes in the dryer and have had to rewash. But for the most part I am excellent at "doing" laundry. I was surprised that my 1 load a day (everyday of the week don't dare take a day off) jumped to 2-3 a day. Especially when they were newborns and were pooping and spitting-up on everything. Now, it is babyfood everywhere and the stains have just gotten harder with each sweet potato. There are days were I am really jealous of Kate Gosslin, okay really just mintues. There is one episode where she talks about having someone come over and fold all her laundry and another person comes to put it away. Now, I really shouldn't be comparing myself to Kate, after all she has 3 more children than I do and of course a whole host of other issues (thank goodness those belong to her.) I am however very jealous of her laundry routine. In this house laundry can sit in the laundry baskets clean for a week or more. Honestly sometimes it is just easier to pull out the clean pj's and put them on the freshly bathed child. Than to sit and fold for an hour and only to have the pj's ripped from the bottom of neatly folded pile. Arg......all the clothes get toppled over and what was the point of folding in the first place! I don't really know why I can't seem to get them folded and put away. I am not lazy, how can I be.....really. Is it that I don't have time? We can always make time for something. I guess I really just hate the process. Wash the clothes, dry the clothes, fold the clothes, put away the clothes, have the child mess-up the clothes in the drawer, child wears the clothes......spills, colors, poops, paints, spits-up, or rolls around in mud in the clothes. Rinse repeat.
I do joke with my husband that when he builds my new laundry room I am going to have 2 washer and dryers, and I am going to keep all the boys clothes hanging in the laundry room. They are going to only have jeans, polo shirts, white socks, and underwear. I am going to make it simple. I think it is a great idea and I won't have to sort who's socks are who's, they can figure it out!!!! Today the laundry is so out of control with 3 baskets neatly folded and ready to be put away and 2 big baskets still needing to be folded...I am making time today to get it done. My folding clothes ritual is (about once a week sometime less...sorry but true) I TIVO some daytime TV, sit with my vanilla latte, and get folding/putting away. It really is kind of a treat because for those of you who know me, I DON'T do daytime television and rarely nighttime (expect when I am on the treadmill). So it is a time for me to get lost in Dr. Phil or Housewives of OC, talk about taking my mind off the laundry.lol Well, I am off to fix my latte and figure out where the clean piles end and the dirty begins.

Until next time.......happy day.

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  1. Ah, I probably know better than all of your readers combined the extent of your laundry. :) Mountains...