Happy Day

Happy Day

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wow 10 months!

Why does time go so fast after you have kids? Why didn't alegbra or better yet geometry in high school go this fast? Our babies are now 10 months old and I can't even remember their second month anymore. I am pretty sure with each child, it makes the clock move even faster. It has gotten worse with each child. Time now moves at warp speed with 5 children at home. I really wish I could bottle some of these stages and be able to pull them out when I need a baby fix or some funny toddler moments. I say this about every stage, but 10 months is one of my favorite.

Jake (older by a minute) weights almost 20lbs and looks just like Grace, Sam and Daddy. His is getting number 7 and 8 teeth and has a big toothy grin now that just melts my heart. He is crawling everywhere and showing me that I need to step it up with the vacuuming. He loves to laugh at his sisters and brother....even when he is getting tackled by his older brother Sam. At times he does get the nickname "Sir Cries Alot of Mr. Fussy Pants". He is definetly the more high maintance twin! He loves to shake his head no and is my 3rd confirmed "mama's boy". I love it!

Alice is tipping the scales at over 16.5lbs.....our little sweet pea. She has finally gotten 2 teeth this week. I thought for a while we were going to need to get her baby dentures, I guess we will just start saving for braces instead. She is also crawling everywhere and she is so precious when she looks at me with her baby blues. She hardly complains about anything and everytime you look at her she has a huge gummy smile. (My fav.) She is so petite and fair skinned.....I have no idea where she came from.....seriously. She fills our house with such joy!

When I told DH after the birth of our now forever middle child that I thought I would get that done feeling, but never did. I now know I was missing two of the best little beings on the planet. Happy 10 months J&A!

Until next time...happy day!

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