Happy Day

Happy Day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick Days.......

Today I am blogging about sick days because well, frankly we have had too many. Most of them have come in the form of a stomach bug......the worst in my opinion. Today it is me. Who takes care of the mom when she is sick? My kids do sometimes, they like the added responsiblity of mommy letting them pour their own cereal or fix a bagel for their little brother. They know I will let them do so much more if I am not up to getting after them, and everyone is getting along. Today G&D are the mommy and daddy and they have 3 kids. I am the sick grandma. I love their imagination so much!!!! I hate being sick. I hate not feeling up to playing with the kids or like doing much school with them. Today, will be a big reading day with lots of comfy blankets, pillow, and "Little House on The Praire". In it own way sick days are special bonding days. When it is me the kids are extra well behaved and helpful. When it is them they are little cuddle bugs that just want to snuggle one my lap all day. They are so sweet falling asleep anywhere and waking with mommy still snuggling close. The tricky part is when more than 1 of them are sick or heaven forbid 3 or 4 have caught the same virus. Those days can be very exshausting, yet I am thankful I get to be here with them. It seems like this year we have had more sick days than ever, but I guess we have a lot of people the virus needs to move through. Here is to the hope that this is our last sick day and that Spring will be here to stay.

Until next time.......happy days

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