Happy Day

Happy Day

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am having what?????????????

The day is still so clear in my mind and will forever be a day I will never forget a single detail. I went to my doctor’s appointment just like I had with my other 3 children. By my calculation I was about 8 weeks along and I was pretty sure I was dying. I assumed I would go to my appointment and they would tell me I had this awful and rare disease that made you feel like your insides were falling out. Just in case they didn't, I had a speech (more like a sob story) prepared that would cause any physician to fumble for their prescription pad. I had been so sick, I could barely function. I mean, I had been sick with other pregnancies. Throwing up 5-6 times a day, but this was different. It was so awful and on top of that I still had 3 little ones to care for. At one point my husband said to me "are you going to be like this the whole 9 months." I didn't speak I just glared at him. You know, the way only wives can glare.

Well, I met with my doctor and she was sympathetic and had some concern for my health since, I was already 6lbs under my pre pregnancy weight. It just figures, the only way I can lose weight easily is when I should actually be gaining it. She cheerfully wrote me a prescription for Zofran and I let out the biggest sigh of relief. I think it even caught her off guard. On my way out she said "before you go let's go ahead and check your dates with an ultrasound, just to be sure." I was sure of my dates, was there reason to worry? Did she think I was too small? On the other hand, it was a chance to take a peek at this little bundle of joy that had been making so violently ill for the past 8 weeks. Yes, I am pretty sure the morning sickness started before I took my pregnancy test. Not to mention, I tested way too early and it took 22.2 seconds for the 2 lines to show-up.....that should have tipped me off.

Off to the ultrasound I go. I am already trying to figure out in my head where the closest pharmacy is so I can get my prescription filled and then head to the nearest drive-thru! My wonderful ultrasound tech was so sweet and as she is chatted away with me. She laid the ultrasound wand on my belly for a couple seconds (while I got situated) and she quickly took it off, before I even have a chance to look. She then said "Are you ready for this?” I replied with an enthusiastic "yes, let see this little baby." She then said "well…..there is two!" I am sorry what?!?! The conversation is a little blurry for me at this point, but I am pretty sure I kept saying over and over "Oh my goodness. Are you sure?" She kept saying "yes I am sure, see they are right there." Clearly there were 2, I could see them perfectly. All of the sudden I was a wiz at reading the ultrasound images....go figure. Before, I couldn't tell an arm, from the cord, from a penis. Now, I could see them with my own eyes, I just couldn’t believe we were going to have twins. How did this happen? Okay, I knew how.......but how? My wonderful tech asks me if I was going to be okay. I think all the color must have drained from my face at that point. She said "I know you have 1 more at home..right?" Ahhhhhhhhh no not exactly, I actually have 3 at home". She then looked at me is disbelief and shock. Yep, that would be the look I would get very use too. It still happens when I go anywhere with all 5, people stop, stare, and ask "are these all yours?"

So I got in to my van and stared at the 3 car seats crammed in the back and just burst into tears. Happy, scared out of my mind tears. I still couldn't process it. My first call was to my DH, so hard at work, and so clueless about how his life was about to change. We chatted for a second and then I told him that they did an ultrasound and they found a little something extra. When I explained the little something extra was a whole other human being.........you could have heard a pin drop! He then proceeded to tell me, I was joking about 2 or 3 times and when I promised him I wasn't he then said no........and I say yes..........and he said no..........and I said yes. Honestly, I don't remember how long it took to convince him, but I finally told him that it was true and I had the picture to prove it. A beautiful picture of our babies, our little twins……..two people that I never imagined in my wildest dreams. Amazing and incredibly scary all at once.
Baby A and Baby B.

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