Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy Mobile

Yes this is a post about my mode of transportation...silly I know but it is one amazing car. I am writing this because my husband says it is time to trade it in for a new car, a bigger car. My beloved mini-van, (yes, I said mini-van) Dodge Caravan 2005 fully loaded to be exact. I love this car so much. It makes my life so easy with automatic everything. If I have my hands full of babies, groceries, diaper bags, or baseball mitts at the click of a button my doors open. Now, if it just had a self cleaning mechanism inside the car that would really be the best. My van is where many things go to die or eventually get sucked up by the shop vac. On any given day you can find; a stroller, sippy cups, socks, legos, dolls, changes of clothes, books, and too many snacks, fruit chews and crumbs to name. Every time we go anywhere my kids act like we are leaving for a month and they fill their little paws with as much stuff as one can carry. I also don't have a no eating rule in the car...if I get a new one I most likely will have too. I love the no eating rule, the kids and I can share stories over a happy meal (horrible mother I know). In my defense Happy Meals now come with apple dippers which is a much healthier and stickier option. (Warning take the caramel out of the 2 years old bag before passing back....please trust me on this one.) There are days that I joke that my van is totaled from the inside....those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing it know it to be true. So why, do I want to hold onto this seemingly trashed car? Well, it is more than the leather seats with built in bun warmers and DVD player although they are my favorites. It is because this is where all the talks happen on long road trips, and I get to hear about ballet, swimming, wrestling practice, and hear my kids sing along to their favorite bible songs. I like the closeness. I love to look back and see every single seat filled with a round smiling little face (caramel and all). I love that I can pack my whole life in this car with just 7 people and a dog in the back. If that is all I was left with one day I would be a very blessed girl.

Until next time......happy day

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