Happy Day

Happy Day

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reasons why I thought I couldn't Homeschool

This is a follow-up post from "Why we decided to Home School".

These are my reasons for being intimidated by home schooling but what I learned from my first year.

1. I am not educated enough. I learned that there are so many resources to help you in HS. There are so many things to choose from to help you learn to teach. It is also a great chance to relearn right along with your children and it is way more fun with them. Side note: We used "My Father's World" for our first year and really enjoyed it and super easy to follow!

2. I am not patient enough. Patience comes through overcoming trials and learning to yield to the fruit of the Spirit instead of the fruit of the flesh (Galatians 5:22-25) I have learned there is nothing more natural than teaching your child. You know what is right for them because they are yours!!!! I also learned that sometimes it is MOMMY who needs the timeout:-)

3. My children are too social. I worried that Grace would miss all of her friends. She was a little concerned about this too. Instead we had play dates that last hours instead of recesses that lasted 20 minutes. Plus they still had dance, wrestling, AWANA, church and best of all here at home they are with their best friends all day long.

4. I was worried I would crave "me time". I have given up getting my hair done-oh well it is saving me money and my husband loves the long locks. Now I just crave being with my kids we are all so close, I really hate to leave them. I am a mom, I gave up "me time" when I gave birth 6.5 years ago.

5. I thought it would look like regular school only at home. So not true...thank goodness. We learn constantly all day long and very little of it is done around the table.

6. I thought I would be lonely. I am far from lonely being surrounded by 5 of the cutest little beings on the planet. Plus, I still have close inner circle of friends. I realized your true friends will still be your friends even if you don't see them in the drop off line at school. I love my besties we talk everyday!

7. I thought it would be hard to come up with a curriculum. Sooooo far from true it was actually harder to decide which one to do. There are so many great ones.

8. I was scared of picking the wrong books for my kids. Well, I did this and we worked it out. G my oldest had been in a private school for Kindergarten and so I did 1st and 2nd grade stuff with her because she was ahead of most 1st grade work. She was bored at first so we moved to harder stuff. With Drew 4.5 yrs. when we started I didn't want to do all the preschool stuff with him so we went straight to learning to read and math problems. He is now reading small stories and doing easy addition and he just turned 5.

9. I thought I was too busy with 3 other babies in the house. Sam wants to "do school" right along with the others. The babies a lot of times are napping or sitting on my lap while we are all learning. We work together to get housework done. My kids have jobs and even at the age of 2 have learned to help around the house.

10. I was worried I wouldn't have a schedule or that it would take too much time. At first I didn't have a schedule because the twins were little and unpredictable. We fit in school at all different times. Now we do it mostly all in the morning done by 11 and reading in the afternoon cuddled on the couch. We can get so much done in a short amount of time working one on one....more than I ever dreamed!


  1. My mom homeschooled for 21 years. It takes a lot of work and I totally respect you for doing it with your little ones. btw: I turned out pretty well for being a hs kid :)

  2. That is awesome! I could probably learn so much from you!!!!